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Nuclear fusion drives present-day accelerated cosmic expansion
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Nuclear fusion drives present-day accelerated cosmic expansion
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Universal Laws of Thermodynamics

Cosmos violates conservation laws Laws of Thermodynamics Cosmos obeys conservation laws
Dark Energy Cosmic Expansion Stellar nuclear fusion with repulsive gravity
Dark Matter Galactic Rotation Spacetime compression with repulsive gravity
Singularity where physics is no longer valid Black Holes Planck diameter obeying laws of physics
Missing Anti-Matter Exists in parallel universe
Unexplained Matter to Antimatter Ratio Orthogonal mixing of super-particles
Violates speed of light Quantum Entanglement Superposition of wave-particle twins
Decay due to unbalanced baryonic number Proton Stability Stable due to conserved baryonic number
Four (3 Space, 1 Time) Dimensions Ten (8 Space, 2 Time)

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